Brand Names and Stories

Inspire. Imagine. And Realise.

A brand needs a story to tell. And it starts with the audience you choose, the words you use, the promises you make and the experiences you deliver.

We bring your story to life. We get to the heart of your brand by investigating it from inside and out. Positioning, emotion, culture and attitude – it’s all part of understanding exactly who you are, who your customers are, and who sits in your competitive landscape.

When choosing a name, we measure by what might be as well as what it is. The name is about tomorrow not today. So every conceivable, and some inconceivable, expressions will be explored. Just remember that being quirky or extreme isn’t a catapult to success.

A great name expresses a lot about your brand. It’s the opening word of a story, the start of a conversation, an invitation to experience – one that can just as easily attract as repel, entice as demean. Either way, an engaging name will demand a second read or look.

A great name connects rationally and emotionally with your target audience. And we know that there are external influences on meaning such as people, politics, popular culture and technology that affect this. We’re equally savvy with the words creative and strategic. We know they go hand-in-hand. That’s why we integrate our linguistic methodology with business strategy and brand thinking to ensure you get clear expression that’s relevant and credible.

A great name isn’t always easy to create. But it’s the element of a brand that changes least or least often so it has to be right.

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