Brand Naming

Incognito Sum is a specialist brand consultancy. We work with words to help articulate brands. We focus on the verbal and written part of the brand puzzle that includes brand name and language.

In other words, we name things. And create the story they tell in the marketplace.

Our philosophy is simple.

Brands aren’t created in a vacuum. Or in a brainstorming session alone. And neither are their names.

We combine business, brand, communication and cultural literacy. Our methodology is founded in language skills and specialist knowledge, not software, systematic processes or synthetic tools. It’s our job to know language – past, present and yet-to-come – and to understand other languages. Last year we started learning Esperanto and now we’re looking around for a course in 1337.

Of course we’ve got a healthy respect for the evolutionary nature of language itself. We’ve been around the block and a lot of the world. We haven’t seen everything – yet – but we’re out there looking for it right now.